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Potters: Mark Rademacher - Karin Bodet Ford - Julie Windler

  Mark Rademacher; long time Eureka Springs resident and artist, produces one-of-a-kind pieces in clay and wood. His ceramic work, both wheel thrown and slab built is fired using a proprietary process developed over many years of trial and error.

The pit fire and the leaf motifs are his signature look. His life long love affair with wood is evidenced in his unique wood and clay combinations. Mark is a member of the Eureka Springs Artist Registry.

His work is on display in the Supreme Court building at the State Capitol, and his pottery has been presented to visiting foreign dignitaries as official gifts.

He currently enjoys a commission with Wal-mart Pharmacy of the Bentonville headquarters to produce a series of awards called Respy Awards, for deserving Wal-Mart pharmacists.

His work is collected by Bill and Hillary Clinton. Most recently, he was selected to produce the Governor's Arts Awards for 2009.

"The process of pit firing is as old as pottery making itself. In my version, I pack my bisquit fired pots carefully in a pit with sawdust and other wood waste. I set a fire on top and after an initial burn I cover with a sheet of tin and force the combustion into a slow smolder which continues for about 48 hours. The interactions between leaf shapes, patterns, and textures, the subtle color shifts produced by the copper glaze chemistry and the heat and smoke of the pit fire combine to create the defining features of my pottery. These integral processes are wedded to my classical vases and jars to produce one of a kind pieces. " Mark Rademacher



  Karin Boudet Ford creates clay art by hand and has come to know that accidental results forever enhance her creative possibilities. Working with Clay is her dialogue.

Each piece, whether function or just for fun, comes to life through multifarious techniques, lots of color and embellishments.

Karin is a member of the Eureka Springs Artists Registry. Jury awards include the Arkansas Governor's Mansion Calender and the Sarah Polk Art Award. She is published in Lark's 500 Bowls and The Art And Artisans of the Ozarks.

Karin's art also graces the private collections of President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore.

"When I was a little girl making mud pies, I never imagined that I would grow up to be an award-winning artist. Working with clay is my way of expressing a vision that is characterized by variety and freedom. Art form changes often and sometimes suddenly, just as life does. This journey is forever evolving as I walk in the spirit, wherever it takes me, but always inspired by faith." Karin Boudet Ford



Julie Windler-The Functional Potter began to throw in the early 70’s in Mississippi. In what just began as a lark and something interesting to try; then she was hooked.

Julie continued her pottery in Virginia: showing in galleries, in craft shows and as a potter-in-residence. Her son, who was a baby at the time, slept in his basket below the display table at craft shows, and watched her throw from his swing. Julie returned to Georgia where she continued her pottery for several more years.

That period included teaching pottery on the library channel, receiving a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts for an arts and crafts television show and eventually moving onto full time television production. Living in Atlanta for many years where she continued her television career and family, pottery took a back seat. In Atlanta, Julie was a television producer and staff announcer with WXIA-TV, then joined CNN as a news producer and eventually WSB-TV as a producer.

Many years later, she returned home to Rome, Georgia and then wonderfully, rediscovered her pottery 6 or 7 years ago. "It’s been fun coming full circle." says Julie, she and her family split their time between Rome, Georgia and Hilton Head, SC and call both home.

Julie Windler- The Functional Potter was commissioned by the Norberta Philbrook Gallery to create "Art for Birds" beautifully glazed, hand made bird feeders.


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