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Jeremy Mason McGraw & Robert Roman Norman

Congratulations to Jeremy Mason McGraw & Robert Roman Norman & The Creative Energy Project

2013 Eureka Springs Artists of the Year   

Jeremy is an international photographer known, for creating enticing and evocative images for some of the world’s finest hotels and travel destinations. Drawing on his experience as a theatrical set and lighting designer, Jeremy's work is noted for its story-telling quality and its striking, warm and inviting light. 
Jeremy began his artistic career as a painter, but his passion shifted in 1993 to after taking a photography course. From that point on he balanced his passion for creating images with the worlds of magic, pyrotechnics, lasers, theatrical scenery  and lighting design. In 1997 Jeremy took work on a ship as a stage manager and for the next two years his passion for capturing the world through his lens grew as he sailed the South Pacific waters around Australia.
In 2004 Jeremy combined his unique photographic story-telling and passion for travel by forming Elite International Photography. Since then his work has been featured in numerous international magazines, film and television productions such as LOST, and has been commissioned for the portfolios of luxury hotels and destinations in Hawaii, Central United States and Europe. 
Jeremy is also the founder of the Creative Energy Project.

Robert R. Norman is considered by many to be one of Eureka Springs' most prolific creative minds.

     In 1994 Robert moved to Eureka from Charlevoix Michigan to sell his own line of unique printed clothing designs. By 1996 he started Roadside Rustics selling custom made rustic log furniture using only native trees, the same year he launched a line of colorful all sassafras log framed furniture.

     With Robert’s influence all-natural was no longer the only look out there for the cabin aficionado and a shift in the way rustic furniture was seen began. After nationwide sales and a demand for his design Robert created a line of painted paddle and fish furniture which was featured in Bass Pro Shops across the country.

     This “furniture-art-fusion” featured Elk, Moose, Mountain Lions and even Alligators giving customers a unique one of a kind hand painted piece to add to their décor.

Today many credit Robert’s Roadside Rustics with creating the sassafras log furniture genre.

  In late 2009 Robert shifted away from furniture to focus on his art. By the following winter he entered and won the 2011 Eureka Springs May Festival of the Arts poster contest.

  This spurred his involvement in Eureka’s art scene, launching his cyclone of creativity and content on the little town, a surprise to many who knew him as “Rustick Bob the furniture guy.” His art and events are constantly in the public eye. “I can’t go into town without seeing your work,” said one fan. A Facebook post on his fan page asks, “Do you ever sleep?” Considering the volume of his work it would seem impossible.

Robert’s mediums tend to be acrylic paints and wood, often reclaimed or found. Old house and spray paint from the recycling center is common in his pieces. His subject matter tends to remain in the natural world, namely fish and birds.


“I understand that the world is full of wasted resources and with just looking around I can find what I need to make my art and furniture" 

“If it flies or breaths water it fascinates and inspires me, walking creatures not so much. I can walk but to fly or swim without having to come up for a gulp of air is what I dream about. Who doesn’t dream of flying?"  Robert Roman Norman

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