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Eureka Janet Alexander

Copper pendants include found objects and wonderful powder coating and they just feel fantastic. The tactile sensation of these copper pendants is wonderful, once you pick one up it's difficult to put down

Baubles & Bones

With an unlimited imagination I create art out of need. Specifically, the need to honor my most passionate and authentic self’s life force. I’m a professional ‘creator’...expressing my artistic nature in every way imaginable. Loving to experiment, I began work as a professional artist in my teens. This lead me to receiving a scholarship to the Kansas City Art Institute.

Unfortunately, this life style was broken with a foray into the corporate world. A stroke brought me back to my core essence, art. During my recovery phase I used my need to create for therapy. And that simple healing action reminded me of the thing I love best, expressing myself through the artistic process. I have returned to my roots.

Creating with a joy and intensity that transfers into colorful, unique, passionate art, I play. I believe my art shows this playful spirit. ..Eureka Janet

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