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Denise Ryan

  An award winning artist, Denise Ryan's parents instilled in her a deep love of art from an early age and the family enjoyed many trips to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

As a child, she learned much from hours of observing her mother paint and draw. At the age of ten Denise began to accompany her mother to life drawing classes at the Fleischer Art Memorial in Philadelphia and also tagged along on many landscape painting expeditions.

Denise earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Temple University's Tyler School of Fine Arts.

She earned her Master of Fine Arts from Yale University.

Denise's teaching experiences have included the Governor's School of the Arts at Trenton State College, where she was both an instructor and Assistant Director.

She was an Assistant Professor at both Moore College of Art in Philadelphia and at Stockton State College in Pomona, New Jersey where she taught drawing, design and painting.

Denise currently teaches art at the Holiday Island Art Guild.


There are many historical and contemporary influences in my work. Two of these are Dutch still life painting and Trompe L'oeil or that which fools the eye. My work has often been referred to as surreal but I prefer to think of it as metaphysical, a place just beyond reality."  Denise Ryan

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